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What is a non-marriage certificate?

When you plan to marry abroad, many countries will require you to produce a document which declares that you are not married in your country of birth. This document is referred to in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as a non marriage certificate.

How to obtain a a non marriage certificate?

All persons applying for a non marriage certificate need to fill out a birth application form and write non marriage at the top of the form. These applications forms must be submitted at the Civil Registry Office in Kingstown.

Forms can be obtained at the main office in Kingstown or post offices and revenue offices.

NB: For more information on how to fill the application form see How to obtain a birth certificate.

Cost for non marriage certificate

Each birth certificate cost EC $11.68

How long does it take to get a non-marriage certificate?

It takes seven (7) working days to get a non-marriage certificate


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